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ice cream dreams

23 Dec

I had a dream last night I went to Bruster’s to get some ice cream, and it started raining so I totally got my second scoop for free! (Note to the uninitiated: Bruster’s give you your second scoop free whenever it’s raining or snowing.) I went for my favorite: Cake batter in a waffle cone.

I can only assume this is all a delicious allegory for how awesome it is that I get to see both my family and Savory (aka, “Second Scoop”) over the next nine days.

Best. Omen. Ever.


cute measuring cups, part 2

15 Sep
measuring cups, pier one imports

measuring cups, pier one imports

A huge thank you to friend and co-worker Fernando Senra for these cute measuring cups! I am convinced my theory that all things are better when they’re cute  is true because, in addition to making a great kitchen decor item, cooking is so much more fun now that I get to pour my ingredients into these.

Fernando found these gems at Pier One, and to be honest, I think I like them even better than the originals that inspired this sweet gift! Love.

publix, forgiveness is yours

27 Aug

So on Sunday I was running up and down every last aisle at Publix on a futile quest to find shotcicle popcicle molds (which are apparently just not cool anymore because no one on earth seems to sell them–thank you very much party dream-crushing retailers of America), when I ran into these:

Cutting boards


Dishwasher safe, blade friendly, food-grade poly and need I say COMPLETELY ADORABLE cutting/prep boards! It’s like the Publix gods knew they owed me a consolation prize.

Which, between the popcicle molds and the seafood thing, they totally did.

how to find-and keep-a recipe

17 Aug

What do I look for in a man recipe, you ask? Whenever I’m on the prowl for a new dish, I tend to judge candidates by the same criteria:

  • Baggage: If the first thing I see is a list of 20 ingredients, half of which are things I’ve never heard of, I know that recipe is bringing waaaaaaaaaay too much baggage to this relationship and I cut the cord right away.
  • Chemistry: Once I find a recipe that won’t fill up my cart slash empty my wallet on the first date, I look for both balance and spark: Does it have ingredients I either have already at home or that I know I like? Does it let me try something different?
  • Romance: Fresh ingredients lovingly combined to make something unexpectedly delicious will melt this girl’s heart. Shake ‘n Bake will get the door slammed in a recipe’s pre-packaged face.
  • Endurance: You heard me. I usually cook for one and while seconds are pretty much par for the course in my dining routine, sloppiness is not. If this dish doesn’t bring the flavor day after day, it’s on to the next one.
  • Commitment: If a dish passes all of the above, it earns a spot in the regular rotation of Dishes I Will Make for the Rest of My Life. I know you’re wondering at this point exactly how many dishes I try before finding the ones I want to eat forever, and that is none of your business. But I swear it’s not too many.

What about you? What are your recipe must-haves/deal breakers?

Alternate Title: I’m not a foodie, I just munch a lot

wanted: cute measuring cups

31 Jul
Cutest Measuring Cups Ever


I found The Cutest Measuring Cups Ever online like eight months ago and still haven’t bought them. I have no idea why, because I definitely still want them.