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cute measuring cups, part 2

15 Sep
measuring cups, pier one imports

measuring cups, pier one imports

A huge thank you to friend and co-worker Fernando Senra for these cute measuring cups! I am convinced my theory that all things are better when they’re cute  is true because, in addition to making a great kitchen decor item, cooking is so much more fun now that I get to pour my ingredients into these.

Fernando found these gems at Pier One, and to be honest, I think I like them even better than the originals that inspired this sweet gift! Love.


publix, forgiveness is yours

27 Aug

So on Sunday I was running up and down every last aisle at Publix on a futile quest to find shotcicle popcicle molds (which are apparently just not cool anymore because no one on earth seems to sell them–thank you very much party dream-crushing retailers of America), when I ran into these:

Cutting boards


Dishwasher safe, blade friendly, food-grade poly and need I say COMPLETELY ADORABLE cutting/prep boards! It’s like the Publix gods knew they owed me a consolation prize.

Which, between the popcicle molds and the seafood thing, they totally did.

wanted: cute measuring cups

31 Jul
Cutest Measuring Cups Ever

from Anthropologie.com

I found The Cutest Measuring Cups Ever online like eight months ago and still haven’t bought them. I have no idea why, because I definitely still want them.