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¡hot plate! sausage, red onion and mushroom pizza

29 Aug

I tortured myself all day about what to make this week, and finally decided eff it, I’m making pizza–so I found this recipe for sausage, red onion and mushroom pizza and gave it a whirl. Good news! It was worth it.

Sausage, red onion and mushroom pizza

Sausage, red onion and mushroom pizza

I didn’t realize it until I was already cooking, but this pizza has no sauce. Which is good, because if it did you couldn’t taste the delicious rosemary and red pepper baked into the crust. (Cue “mmmmm” sound effect… Now!)

This recipe has so many things I love: fresh mozzarella, parm, Italian sausage, tons of mushrooms–but my favorite part is definitely the red onion. The recipe called for a whole red onion, but I got scared and only used about 3/4 of that. Minor mistake on my part, because the texture and flavor of that onion just ties the entire pizza together for me–but hey, that’s why God invented enough ingredients to make it again!

Side note: You can tell from the picture there is parsley sprinkled on top–at least the few bits that didn’t get burned in the oven. I have to start remembering that herb is such a wimp and hold off on adding it until the end. Toughen up, parsley! Jeez.


lessons from the kitchen

24 Aug

Lessons I learned/was reminded of while cooking this recipe on Sunday:

1. Always prep. There are two parts to prep: reading the entire recipe (before cooking), and getting all the ingredients ready (before cooking). Slacking on either will eventually lead to disaster.

2. Peeling shrimp sucks. So does deveining them. It is worth it to spend the extra $2 to upgrade to large shrimp and get them peeled and deveined. Just do it. (And get your seafood from an actual seafood market! Publix, you should be ashamed of yourself, lowering my standards for all these years.)

3. You guys are better than the internet. Friends: 2. Epicurious: 0. Keep the recipes comin’, y’all!