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please pass the possum

3 Aug

No, you have not teleported to an alternate reality–there is an actual possum festival. Here. On Earth. A festival where, get ready for this reality to come crashing down on you, people eat possums.

I found out about this in a clip this morning from News Service Florida, because apparently people running for office in Florida are supposed to flock to the Wausau Funday & Possum Festival to prove they can gobble down fresh-cooked possum with the best of ’em. (They are also still accepting food vendor applications, for all you possum gourmands out there.)

Kidding aside, if I were to find myself at the possum festival this weekend, which I seriously considered for five seconds before I remembered I’ll be out of town, I think I would have to actually try the possum. I’m fully prepared to not like it, but I would at least give the possum a fighting chance to earn my vote.


Crazy things I would never, ever put in my mouth?


Crazy things I’ve actually tried?

I dunno, I love eel and roe, if those count.

And of course I’m curious: What about you? Craziest food you’ve n/ever tried? Any takers on the possum out there?

P.S. : You are welcome for the lack of photos in this post.