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¡hot plate! broken-glass jello

6 Dec

Okay, this plate is technically not hot, but it is cool in pretty much in every sense of the word. Before I get to the broken-glass jello, though, some background: As luck would have it, a few weeks before I moved from Florida to DC, I met a great guy named Josh who’s now my boyfriend (yay!). This is especially important for the purposes of this blog because 1) he introduced me to this recipe and 2) guys, his last name is Savory. (Yes, really, and yes, I take way too much pleasure in that fact.)

I know what you’re thinking: Gina, I don’t care if this guy has the best foodie surname on earth, I’m not taking a recipe featuring JELLO seriously–because that’s pretty much what went through my head when Josh told me about it. But then he sent me pictures, and I realized any food that can look this bright, happy and fun deserves a shot.

Broken Glass Jello--cool, huh?

Broken-glass jello is a holiday tradition in the Savory household, and I was delighted to try it out with my family this Thanksgiving. My nieces and nephew had fun helping make it, and everyone–even my mom, who hates jello–had fun eating it. This dish earns two yums up!