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lessons from the kitchen

24 Aug

Lessons I learned/was reminded of while cooking this recipe on Sunday:

1. Always prep. There are two parts to prep: reading the entire recipe (before cooking), and getting all the ingredients ready (before cooking). Slacking on either will eventually lead to disaster.

2. Peeling shrimp sucks. So does deveining them. It is worth it to spend the extra $2 to upgrade to large shrimp and get them peeled and deveined. Just do it. (And get your seafood from an actual seafood market! Publix, you should be ashamed of yourself, lowering my standards for all these years.)

3. You guys are better than the internet. Friends: 2. Epicurious: 0. Keep the recipes comin’, y’all!


meet the shotsicle

10 Aug

shotsicle @ tin lizzy's, atlanta

Yes, there is really such a thing as a shotsicle. I took this picture just so you would believe me when I told you.

They come in a variety of flavors; this one is a chocolate popsicle with whipped cream vodka. You dip the popsicle in the shot and lick; when they popsicle is all gone you are left with a shot of vodka mixed with popsicle goodness. While we were there I thought of doing one that is a dark chocolate popsicle with creme de menthe–would be curious to see who else out there has fun shotsicle ideas…

Thanks to Liz, Allie and Brook for the introduction to this intriguing new cocktail specimen!

please pass the possum

3 Aug

No, you have not teleported to an alternate reality–there is an actual possum festival. Here. On Earth. A festival where, get ready for this reality to come crashing down on you, people eat possums.

I found out about this in a clip this morning from News Service Florida, because apparently people running for office in Florida are supposed to flock to the Wausau Funday & Possum Festival to prove they can gobble down fresh-cooked possum with the best of ’em. (They are also still accepting food vendor applications, for all you possum gourmands out there.)

Kidding aside, if I were to find myself at the possum festival this weekend, which I seriously considered for five seconds before I remembered I’ll be out of town, I think I would have to actually try the possum. I’m fully prepared to not like it, but I would at least give the possum a fighting chance to earn my vote.


Crazy things I would never, ever put in my mouth?


Crazy things I’ve actually tried?

I dunno, I love eel and roe, if those count.

And of course I’m curious: What about you? Craziest food you’ve n/ever tried? Any takers on the possum out there?

P.S. : You are welcome for the lack of photos in this post.