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hot spot: poor herbie’s

5 Oct
poor herbies

Grandpa Ed at Poor Herbies. New Jersey, 2010

I made a trip to New Jersey/New York last week and have to tell you guys about Poor Herbie’s. Poor Herbie’s is an old family run pub and restaurant in Madison, New Jersey with an Irish-American feel and an Italian-American menu. Grandpa Ed first took me there when I was a sophomore in college, and that is when I first tasted Poor Herbie’s house salad with creamy Italian dressing. My life hasn’t been the same since.

House salad w/ creamy italian dressing, Poor Herbies

House salad w/ creamy italian dressing, Poor Herbies

This trip marks the third time I’ve gotten to have that salad in the past 10 years, and even though there’s nothing to it but lettuce, tomato and dressing, I’ll be damned if it isn’t still super freaking delicious.

Of course, the company is always great, too. :)