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meet the shotsicle

10 Aug

shotsicle @ tin lizzy's, atlanta

Yes, there is really such a thing as a shotsicle. I took this picture just so you would believe me when I told you.

They come in a variety of flavors; this one is a chocolate popsicle with whipped cream vodka. You dip the popsicle in the shot and lick; when they popsicle is all gone you are left with a shot of vodka mixed with popsicle goodness. While we were there I thought of doing one that is a dark chocolate popsicle with creme de menthe–would be curious to see who else out there has fun shotsicle ideas…

Thanks to Liz, Allie and Brook for the introduction to this intriguing new cocktail specimen!


sautee over low heat

31 Jul
Croquetas de Pollo

cooking croquetas - 07.2010

My favorite moment when cooking croquetas is putting the unsalted butter in the pan with the onions–the butter melts smoothly and makes this sizzling little sea of bubbles over the low heat.