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publix, forgiveness is yours

27 Aug

So on Sunday I was running up and down every last aisle at Publix on a futile quest to find shotcicle popcicle molds (which are apparently just not cool anymore because no one on earth seems to sell them–thank you very much party dream-crushing retailers of America), when I ran into these:

Cutting boards


Dishwasher safe, blade friendly, food-grade poly and need I say COMPLETELY ADORABLE cutting/prep boards! It’s like the Publix gods knew they owed me a consolation prize.

Which, between the popcicle molds and the seafood thing, they totally did.


lessons from the kitchen

24 Aug

Lessons I learned/was reminded of while cooking this recipe on Sunday:

1. Always prep. There are two parts to prep: reading the entire recipe (before cooking), and getting all the ingredients ready (before cooking). Slacking on either will eventually lead to disaster.

2. Peeling shrimp sucks. So does deveining them. It is worth it to spend the extra $2 to upgrade to large shrimp and get them peeled and deveined. Just do it. (And get your seafood from an actual seafood market! Publix, you should be ashamed of yourself, lowering my standards for all these years.)

3. You guys are better than the internet. Friends: 2. Epicurious: 0. Keep the recipes comin’, y’all!