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20 Aug

For me, guacamole is a huge, green smiley face beaming up at you from the table every time you see it: unrepressible joy.

I scribbled this when I was teaching–I think this was with my 10th graders–and we were writing poems using their vocabulary words for that week. I was without a doubt the single most excited person in the room about this assignment, and for some reason I’ve hung onto this would-be ode to guacamole ever since:

Guacamole poem



¡hot plate! pollo en salsa de frijol negro

11 Aug

So way back when this blog first started, i.e. last weekish, I posted about something Spanish (I know, shocker) and a friend of mine named Melody suggested a website with Cuban recipes. So I found one I liked, chicken with black bean sauce, and tried it.

What I most enjoyed about the two times that I cooked this up was that the recipe itself is very vague (for example, it says it’s best to marinate the chicken overnight but gives no indication whatsoever as to what to marinate it in), meaning there was a lot left open to interpretation. It was like being given an open canvas, a few colors, and being told, “Just paint!” I loved that, because I’m no master chef but I’m comfortable enough in the kitchen to be able to roll with the punches somewhat, and it was affirming to cook something with little direction and have it come out good!

The first time I made this dish, the salsa was thick but a little bland–the second time I added diced tomatoes and chiles and doubled the sofrito to one cup. The flavor on the second take was bangin awesome, but the sauce was a wee bit runny. I’m definitely adding this recipe to the regular rotation, though, and will continue to perfect. One of these days they’re going to have to lift that embargo on Cuba so I can go and see how close this comes to the real thing…


sofrito w/ green pepper, cilantro, onion and garlic

Confession: I really made this dish a second time just to be able to smell the sofrito again. Amazing!


salsa w/ sofrito, tomato sauce and black beans

This is the part where I added chopped tomatoes and chiles the second time for more kick. BAM!

pollo con salsa de frijol negro

final dish, served over rice

Because it sautees with all that salsa, the chicken comes out SO TENDER. The second time I used brown rice instead of white–like I said, open canvas.

Thank you, Melody, for pointing me to this wonderful recipe! Next week’s hot plate will be brought to you by fellow newbie food blogger and all-around wonderful gal Ashley Zach, and I’ve gotta warn you, it looks deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish!

¡hot plate! arroz con pollo

31 Jul
Arroz con Pollo

homemade arroz con pollo

Quick confession: I love all things Spanish. When I studied abroad in Madrid during college, I lived with a señora who once upon a time owned a restaurant with her husband and so was blessed with many a delicious meal while I was there. Among my favorites: paella, croquetas, natilla, sopa de patatas, lentejas y natilla.

While I’ve made a few of those dishes myself since returning stateside, last week I ventured into new territory with this arroz con pollo recipe from epicurious.com. I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first, but it turned out SO DELICIOSO I Can’t. Even. Tell you. It was my first time cooking with cumin, which I now love and adore, and saffron. Per reviewer suggestions, I substituted beer for the water, which made the flavor of the whole dish so much more robust.

If you’ve made arroz con pollo (or any other authentic Spanish dish) and have recipes or secrets, do share!

wanted: cute measuring cups

31 Jul
Cutest Measuring Cups Ever

from Anthropologie.com

I found The Cutest Measuring Cups Ever online like eight months ago and still haven’t bought them. I have no idea why, because I definitely still want them.

sautee over low heat

31 Jul
Croquetas de Pollo

cooking croquetas - 07.2010

My favorite moment when cooking croquetas is putting the unsalted butter in the pan with the onions–the butter melts smoothly and makes this sizzling little sea of bubbles over the low heat.