say cheese: 4 steps to a good foodie pic

4 Jun

There are a lot of things we judge food by: taste, smell, cost, texture… and looks.  I for one rely on the crappy 3 megapixel, flashless camera on my iPhone 3GS to take all the photos for this blog. I have a nice digital camera, but my cell phone’s just handier, plus I can upload to pictures straight from the phone. And while deliciousness may be in the eye (and mouth) of the beholder, I’ve developed a few “tricks of the trade” to make sure my foodie pics are ready for their internet close-up:

  1. Dress for the occasion: Grains at the bottom (background), protein mounted on top (central focus), sauce drizzled over and garnish to finish (accents). It’s the pants, shirt and lipstick of food photos.
  2. Get the plate’s good side: I almost always snap my pics from about a 45-degree angle–between a birds-eye-view and a side shot. I think it gives depth, and since you can’t taste or smell on a blog I want to offer as much sensory appeal as possible.
  3. Take 3 shots: Because one is going to turn out blurry, one is going to be off-center and one, to use the famous last  words of the porridge-loving Goldielocks, is going to be “Juuuuust right!”
  4. Add food coloring: I hope this isn’t too un-authentico, but I photoshop every single pic I post on this blog using the super-awesome Photoshop Express iPhone app. Make sure the colors are vibrant and sharpen the focus so the details stand out.

The goal? To try and make the picture look as delicious as the food (hopefully) tastes–although not even the best food photography is as good as a happy belly!


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