¡hot plate! tuna cakes w/ spinach and dijon vinaigrette

1 Apr

Last Sunday I had to buy an entire bag of lemons to make this spaghetti with lemon and olive oil recipe (side note: new favorite food blog). I’ve been cooking with them as much as possible all week to try and get through the gazillion lemons still sitting on my counter–which eventually led to this little number:

tuna cakes with spinach and dijon vinaigrette

hello, tasty

A bed of fresh spinach lightly sauteed with olive oil, salt and pepper, topped with tuna cakes and, most importantly, homemade dijon vinaigrette! This was my first-ever attempt at making a salad dressing, and I pretty much just randomly mixed together the ingredients, which included white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, shallots, olive oil, salt and pepper–and of course, lemon. I think the lemon ended up being a bit much for the dressing by the time I’d put in all that other stuff, but no matter because it was still yummy.

Oh, and let’s not forget the shaved parmesan to top it all off!


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