frozen hot chocolate

8 Oct
Frozen hot chocolate @ Serendipity

Frozen hot chocolate @ Serendipity

During my trip to New York last week, my friend Nina took me to Serendipity for lunch. I saw some special on the Food Network a while ago about their $1,000 ice cream sundae, and if you know my love of ice cream you can just imagine my excitement when I realized I would be eating here.

The sundae was a bit out of my price bracket, but the frozen hot chocolate was not. Serendipity sells packets to make your own frozen hot chocolate, but I’m convinced you could do it yourself by making the cocoa with milk and then mixing it with ice in a blender (and topping it off with some decent whipped cream).

Just how fun is frozen hot chocolate? THIS FUN!!!

Nina at Serendipity

Frozen hot chocolate: it's a riot!

But just in case that wasn’t enough excitement, Serendipity tops the entire experience off with pearl-laden Christmas wreath chandeliers for which I simply have no words.


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